STALKER 2: Developers admit hack, make huge appeal to fans

The STALKER 2 development team has issued a statement in response to threats received from hackers who accessed various STALKER 2 content. The Ukrainian team of GSC Game World advises fans to wait for an official announcement of the STALKER 2 release date before seeing any potentially leaked photographs or videos from this hack.

“Recently, one of our employees’ accounts for an image-collaboration program was stolen,” according to a business statement released on social media by STALKER 2. “A Russian social network community has claimed responsibility. They threaten to exploit the gathered information for blackmail and intimidation”.

GSC Game World, which is now based in Prague after relocating following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, notes that it has been subjected to “blackmail, acts of aggression, hacking, attempts to harm players and fans, and efforts to harm the development process or our company’s reputation” on several occasions in the last year. Yet, he thinks the events of the war in Ukraine are “far scarier” and that “attempts to blackmail or threaten us are utterly futile”.

“In the event of any leaks, we ask that you refrain from watching or disseminating information regarding STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl,” the team said. He emphasizes that many of these materials may be old or in the works, and advises gamers who are anxious to play the game to “be patient and wait for the official release to have the best experience possible”.

Finally, GSC Game World wishes to thank the community for its support throughout these trying times. He finishes by saying, “Whatever of the hurdles, our purpose is to devote all of our energy and passion to completing the project and delivering it to you. Your encouragement motivates us. Ukraine should be proud.”

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