Sony intends to release the PlayStation 5 Pro in late 2024

We’ve heard multiple times in recent months that Sony is considering a Pro version of the PlayStation 5, but the newest rumor took a somewhat different turn. Since then, it has been stated that the Pro version would be omitted.

However, according to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, a PlayStation 5 Pro will be released in late 2024. Henderson is a trustworthy source for PlayStation leaks, although one should always be suspicious.

The present intention is that a new PS5 will be available in the third quarter of 2023, but the emphasis will be on cost reduction and the drive will be outsourced externally. The power is unchanged; this is not a PlayStation 5 Pro. No, not yet.

The PlayStation 5 Pro is expected to arrive around a year later and will focus on even higher performance, with no indication of new features. And Sony has no plans to release a PlayStation 6 before 2027, most likely not until 2028. Sony is unlikely to talk about a PlayStation 5 Pro before 2024, although the next PlayStation 5 might be introduced in the first part of the year.


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