iPhone 15 Pro to get Unified Volume and Mute Button in this form

Apple recently introduced new updates for its iPhone, Mac, Watch, and TV. As we all know that the iPhone 14 series has gained a lot of popularity and that too in a very short span of time. It’s 3rd month of 2023 and in a few months, we will get to see Apple’s next iPhone series this year. It has already been rumored that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a single volume button and mute button.

According to the latest reports, the iPhone 15 Pro will not have the separate volume up and down buttons. According to sources, there is going to be a single, elongated button for adjusting the volume. Meanwhile, the mute switch that’s been there since the original iPhone in 2007 is expected to become the mute button that turns the iPhone’s ringer on or off when pressed.

If new reports are to be believed, the iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to sport a solid-state design for both the volume and mute buttons. Let us tell you that these volume buttons cannot be physically moved. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are said to still have two physical volume buttons and a mute switch. Whether all this is true or not, will be known only when Apple itself confirms this and Apple itself does not share any information about its products until it is released officially.


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