Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless available in Lucid Air

After being reputed as accompanying an update for quite a while, extravagance electric vehicle producer Clear has authoritatively reported remote CarPlay and Android Auto are currently accessible and come norm with its network suite. Lucid released a brief teaser video and an update to its website to announce the news, noting that the CarPlay integration is wireless and “comes standard.”

The Glass Cockpit display is a floating, 34-inch 5K screen curves section that appears to be relatively small due to the display’s tapering. Nevertheless, it is pleasing to see Lucid provide support, as Tesla is a notable opponent of the well-liked in-car experience, as is Vivid.

With the tweet above and the section on its website that discusses the connectivity of the Lucid Air, Lucid focused primarily on introducing wireless Apple CarPlay.

Lucid Air

The company states that “Air is even compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and countless other apps” a little bit below the image that is displayed below. Check out my colleague Scooter’s first drive of the Lucid Air Touring at Electrek for a more in-depth look at the luxury EV sedan.

CarPlay and Android Auto support seem like they should come standard with a luxury electric vehicle priced between $88 and $250,000. However, Tesla has held off on the capabilities since 2014, so that is not the norm. Rivian has also decided to defer integrations for the time being.

Lucid Air Luxury EV-2

Meanwhile, Apple and Google’s in-car experiences have been integrated into Ford electric vehicles like the Mach-E, VW ID.4, and Chevy Bolt from the beginning.

At last, as previously stated, the CarPlay/Android Auto section appears to be somewhat limited in comparison to the entire 34-inch display, congratulations must go to Lucid for successfully implementing it.

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