New Google Wallpapers are now up for Android phones

Back in 2016, Google launched the “Google Wallpapers” app on the Play Store for all Android-supported devices. Now, according to the information, Google Wallpapers App added useful new backgrounds which you must check for your Android phone or device.

You will get new Wallpapers in the below six categories

  • Art: Love, Pixel
  • Cityscapes: Cityscapes
  • Landscapes: Photo by VictorAerden
  • Life: Life
  • Solid colors: Soft Violet
  • Textures: Textures

In some categories, you may find wallpapers that share the same name, while “Love, Pixel” under Art is notable for being the Pixel 5a’s default background. Google is working better to make this app more suitable and useful for all Android devices.

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