Google app finally gets large Search bar on Android

In our daily routine we use Google App several times and to make it better Google is adding another better UI experience for its regular Google App. Now, according to the information, it now has a comically large Search bar via 9To5Google.

As you can see in the image below, the Search bar is now large as compared to the old one. Almost twice as tall, with the “Search” hint also in a larger font. The microphone and Google Lens icons look a bit small now. Google also added a carousel that features suggestions.

  • Shop for products in your screenshots
  • Translate text with your camera
  • Search photo from your library
  • Solve homework with your camera
  • Identify song by listening

Google Search Big size

For your information, the changes will be seen on the latest Google app beta (version 12.14). It’s not widely rolled out yet.

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