Google Home 2.66 changes Wifi overview page

The most recent version of the Google Home app 2.66 is being released as a minor update, including two visual enhancements for the Preview redesign.

Some people started seeing the ability to reorder the grid of their preferred devices earlier this month. As Google Home 2.66 renames the Add button to Edit for all users, including those who do not yet have the Reorder button, this long-overdue feature may soon become available. The actual page changes from a two-width grid to a list as part of this.

Meanwhile, a row of tiles displaying your network, number of points, and connected devices was previously displayed by Google Home on the Wi-Fi page. Network download and upload rates were also displayed on the third tile, but the latter statistic frequently disappeared.

Google Home 2.65

Google Home 2.66

To make download and upload fully visible on both Android and iOS, Version 2.66 transforms the entire page into a list. The Play Store is where Google Home 2.66 is being released.

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