Pixel Tablet may have 8GB of RAM, four colors, and with dock

Even though Google has mentioned the Pixel Tablet at two events this year, important information is still unknown. Several of those Pixel Tablet specs, including RAM, can now be reported, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. The Pixel Tablet has already been shown off in two different color options.

One with a black bezel and a green rear case, and the other has a white bezel and a beige/white rear. The first is similar to the Pixel 5’s Sorta Sage, but Google claims that the darker bezel is designed to be slimmer than the white frame, which is compatible with smart homes.

The Pixel Tablet’s aluminum body will have a porcelain-like nanoceramic finish. This will produce a “textured feel and soft matte look.” Contrary to recent rumors, the Pixel Tablet will indeed launch with Tensor G2 and Android 13 with 8GB of RAM.

We’ve learned it will be presented in two capacity choices, with the Accusing Speaker Dock included in the two models.

Google will not include a USB-C charging brick in the box because the dock can charge the tablet using the pogo pins on the back and receive power from a barrel jack on the back, like the Nest Hub Max. As Google’s new Assistant Smart Display, the Pixel Tablet will benefit from the addition of a charging dock.

We now know that the physical switch from last week’s leak is for the microphone and camera, just like the Nest Hub.

Pixel Tablet

Last but not least, a genuine Google Pixel Tablet case will be available. In terms of launch, the Pixel 7a will be available in stores on May 11, as we reported this morning. We have been informed by another source that June is more likely for the Pixel Tablet’s retail availability.

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