Google Home app’s camera feeds accelerating and bring images to Wear OS alerts

The Google Home preview is rolling out improvements to the speed of live view for cameras, and how quickly you can access your camera recordings, citing “feedback about camera performance and speed. Although no additional metrics were provided, it should be a significant improvement.

Referring to input about camera execution and speed, Google Home sees carrying out enhancements to the speed of live view for cameras, and how rapidly you can get to your camera accounts.

Including images on the Nest camera and doorbell notifications received on Wear OS “so you can know what’s going on at a glance” go hand in hand. The Google Home app for Wear OS’s Public Preview is the first to receive this update.

You can now reorder the device tiles in your Favorites with Google Home, as previously reported. Look for a button labeled “Reorder” located next to “Edit” at the bottom of the main tab.

Easily rearrange anything you’ve pinned to your Favorites tab so that you can manage your devices and automation with just a few taps. Is the front door locked? What’s the living room temp? Need to crank up the volume on your kitchen speaker while you cook? Prioritize the devices you use the most in the Favorites tab for easy access whenever you need it.

At last, with the implication that additional features will be added to the Public Preview and that the program will continue, Google concludes with the statement that “more exciting news is coming soon.”

Google Home app update-3

Google also states that “big news in the coming weeks” will be announced, which may indicate a stable launch of the app redesign and its initial feature set.

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