Google Meet enables you to disable individual video feeds

On the web, Android, and iOS, Google Meet will allow you to turn off the video feed from other participants. This will improve your quality of life. From the Individuals list on the web, choosing the flood menu close to a client will uncover a new Don’t watch choice under Pin.

In the meantime, a new Audio only option will “turn off all video feeds apart from tiles that are presenting content” in the mobile applications.

These progressions just concern you, and different clients won’t be made mindful of your visual quieting or have their experience changed.

In a similar menu, “Begin Watching” will continue the video feed. Google anticipates that this will be beneficial “when you want to focus your meeting view on just the presenter or hide participants with distracting video feeds.”

Google Meet's video Feed

Lastly, available to all current and former G Suite Basic and Business customers, as well as to “Google One Subscribers with 2TB or more storage space”

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