Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra moon photo ad appeared as not real

Samsung adds digital zoom which provides Super Resolution technology. With this Galaxy S23 features user clicks photos of faraway objects. This feature is called Space Zoom. With this feature AI and a zooming ability click clear photos of the moon.

There have been complaints about the feature in the past, with some claiming that the photos were fake ones that had been altered digitally. Moreover, an embarrassing update was dealt with to a recent Samsung ad on Twitter, as per Sammobile.

The following is the text of the advertisement not from Samsung:

The moon has no dark side, so use the Galaxy S23 Ultra to shoot the night sky. Add #SharetheEpic to your response to this post’s photo.

However, a note from the Twitter community appeared below the advertisement that read: Samsung phones digitally “fake” moon pictures to make them look better.

Galaxy S23 Ultra moon photo

Any tweet can have notes added by contributors, or as enough contributors find the note useful, Twitter will publically display it below the tweet.

A note can be reported by anyone, and the tweet’s author can request additional review. However, the note appears in a paid advertisement for Samsung. The moon image is “fake” have been refuted by Samsung. Samsung claimed that advanced technology and AI were used to add multiple high-resolution images to produce the final clear effect rather than adding any image effect.

Finally, the majority of people probably won’t see this note because Twitter community notes are only available in a select few nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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