Apple Watch Ultra may come with the MicroLED screen in middle of 2025 year

In this year January, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said “Apple will launch Apple Watch Ultra watch with a MicroLED screen in 2024.” A screen supply chain consulting company, Ross Young, CEO of DSCC counts on the last update that Apple could launch the next Apple Watch Ultra in middle of the 2025.

Roos Young disclosed that the Apple Watch Ultra needs more time maybe one to two years. The release of this watch depends on points like design, components, manufacturing, etc.

The upcoming Watch may come with a bigger 2.1-inch Micro-LED display, this display may be bigger than the present Apple Watch(OLED display).

Apple Watch Ultra

Lastly, the new Apple Watch may come with improved brightness. The upcoming Watch is some with a new feature that enhances its performance.

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