Now Instagram enable add songs to photo carousels

Nowadays most people use Instagram, and it’s good news for them because a new feature will come to Instagram. In this now users can add songs to the photo carousels when creating the post. The CEO of Instagram Mark Zuckerberg disclosed that this feature is already live in some countries.

Instagram’s Photos Carousels

Samsekind of feature is already present in Instagram which let users add songs to particular photos. Previously, you can listen to music clips and see a single photo now users can listen to songs while swiping multiple photos or photo carousels.

Currently, the company working on this feature and focusing on letting user share their status. This feature lets you add some part of the song to your note which similarly adds music to your post and Reel.


Through this, your friend will know about the song’s name and its artist. This feature enhances seeing multiple photos experience.

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