Google preserves more packaging for Pixel, Nest and Co

Nowadays most of the company make their products more sustainable. Most tech companies try to make products more eco-friendly. Some years before there was more plastic and commonly big packaging, supposedly OVP shortens a lot and from long made up of other materials. Now, for products like Pixel, Nest, and more, Google also preserves the packaging.

If focuses on the Pixel 7 packaging it is 99% plastic free. Though there are still some less unsustainable materials if we compare with the first Pixel phone the sustainability is shortened by 50%.

The weight and volume of the phone are also shortened, while the content also shrunk, and the power supply is no longer included in the content.

Last year Google launched Pixel 7 was made with less than 30% material for packaging and hardware also. They also try to make devices that consume less power, for example, the 2018 Chromecast launched uses more power than the 2022 released.

Packaging of Google products

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