Google Photos Edit tool will be optimized for tablets in landscape mode

Until now, it has looked like a stretched mobile version, but Google will soon change that. The main editing tools will now be on the right, while the photo being edited will be displayed on the left. But some adjustment elements will still appear below the photo. Portrait mode remained unchanged.

This layout was possible to enable in the latest version of the Google Photos app, and at the moment, it is hidden from users.

Previously, the new experiment features a slider above the navigation bar between “All Photos” and “Memories” in the Photos tab. When you switch to Memories, you’ll see a feed with photos of certain events presented as collages with different frame shapes.

Clicking on them will open the usual interface of memories in the form of stories. There’s also an option to rename memories by long tap or a special ‘Edit’ button on the top right.” For now, this is an experiment and is not available to users.

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