WhatsApp begins beta testing Wear OS

From recent updates, WhatsApp brings a lot of updates, and now WhatsApp begins beta testing Wear OS. On the Platform Wear OS 3 was receiving more third-party developers and they Wear OS for Pixel Watch, Galaxy Watch 5, and others.

WhatsApp begins beta testing Wear OS

On the app, they contained recent contacts with Settings which included owner information and Security alerts. On the Main page, they show the Open on phone option. when a user’s conversation started they can check previous messages and also can record voice messages.

In this, they let your user see the conversation option People in this conversation, and the Open on phone option. To set up the watch user needs to eight digit code from their watch in the phone’s watch app.

They also include a circular complication to show messages updates like unread messages. In this they provide two options one is WhatsApp contact and WhatsApp voice message which let you record an audio recording. They add most of the WhatsApp feature for watching which is amazing.

WhatsApp starts beta testing Wear OS app

Currently, users can log in for the WhatsApp beta and but they make sure their both devices run on the for stopping compatibility issues.

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