We watched Google I/O 2023, only the following was interesting

We watched Google I/O 2023, and only the following was interesting:

Google introduced its first “flexible” smartphone Pixel Fold, as well as the Pixel Tablet with a branded docking station included: it has a built-in wireless charger and a speaker.

Pixel Fold has two displays: 7.6 inches inside and 5.8 inches outside. It runs on the Google Tensor G2 processor and received “the strongest hinge among complex devices.” The 4821 mAh battery is enough for 12 hours of work, and you can choose 12/256 or 12/512GB of memory.

The main camera is triple: 48 MP main sensor, 10.8 MP ultra-wide and 10.8 MP telephoto with 5x zoom without loss of quality. There is also a 9.5 MP front camera, but for selfies, according to the classics, you can also use the main camera.

In the USA, they ask for it from $1,799. For example, Samsung Galaxy Fold4 cost exactly the same at the start.

Pixel Tablet received an 11-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 2560×1600, support for a branded stylus and four speakers. The processor is the same Tensor G2, and the memory can be 8/128 or 8/256GB. When installed in a docking station, the tablet turns into a smart display for controlling a “smart” home. The price is $499.

We do not yet make predictions on availability, we do not know what the pricing policy will be in our market, because it is already clear that the Pixel 7a will initially cost more than the usual SIM.

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