First beta version of 64-bit Windows 2000 spotted

Recently, spotted the 64-bit compiler Dec Apla C, revealed the first 64-bit Windows NT compiler by tracking Microsoft Windows NT test versions as AXP64/ ALPHA64 porting. This update was provided by Neozeed, a software archaeologist in the VirtualFun community.

This is a test version of the 2000 system. The launch of the Platform SDK enables users to test and compile Win64 code, which is compatible with 64-bit code types, and pre-beta IA64 and ALPHA64 compilers.

Now, Neozeed shared that it is hard to run this compiler and cannot test 64-bit Windows 2000 systems.

Sundown is the code-named of the Win64 project of AXP64 and IA64, though Microsoft never released a 64-bit version of Alpha AXP Windows.

64-bit Windows 2000

At Last, as per reviews from the people, this could be a beta version of WinXP.

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