Google’s new campaign in order to increase its sales in Germany

Google is not used to marketing their devices but in the last two years, they do. Recently, in Germany, they sponsor the German women’s national team with “Google Pixel”. They doing marketing for Pixel in Germany as well.

For become more admiration and popularity Google and German Football Association integrate women’s football. Now. Google become a women’s football new sponsor and they will offer its “Google Pixel” product.

In the coming years, Google and the German national team will work together in important matches like World Cup, UEFA Nation League, Olympic Games 2024, and UEFA Women’s European Chamship 2025. Their collaboration start when Worldcup begin on July 20.

In the national communication campaign for Google Pixel, it will come to 50 million people in Germany, they include women’s national team and individual players.

Pixel Phone

At last, in this Google shows that with the use of AI, we can enhance the image quality in sports photography like sharpening and more.

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