Galaxy S24 Ultra receives new telephoto camera

The camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra model is impressive, it gives incredible photos even in the low-light condition. This phone has a 200MP primary camera sensor, enabling more light captured per pixel. Now, Samsung’s next year flagship Galaxy S24 may get a new telephoto camera.

It looks like the company builds the particular sensor for the Zoom camera. As per the rumor, Galaxy S24 will have a lens with 5x optical zoom. In addition, after the Galaxy S21 Ultra phone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first device telephoto camera feature will upgrade.

The Samsung Note 20 Ultra has a telephoto camera that comes with 5x optical zoom, now Galaxy S24 will get this feature. It may be possible that this new zoom camera will replace the 3x zoom camera which exists in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, S22 Ultra, and S21 Ultra device.

Lastly, it means the Galaxy S24 Ultra device will give more amazing photos with a new camera configuration.

Galaxy S24 Ultra-1

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