[Update] Google adding support for setting a different live wallpaper on the lock and home screen

June 03/2023: Since you can set a different wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen, the Wallpaper & Style app in Android 14 on Pixels will let you change the color and intensity of the lock screen clock, in case the system-provided color doesn’t mesh well with the wallpaper.

You can also choose from a “dynamic” and “small” clock size. This is equivalent to the “double-line clock” toggle in Settings > Display > Lock screen. In Android 14 Beta 2, we only have access to a single lock screen clock design. But as Google announced at I/O, more clock options will be coming soon.

June 02/2023: When we found out Google’s adding support for setting a different live wallpaper on the lock screen and home screen in Android 14, we thought “About damn time!”

…though I bet this was finally added because they have fancy new live wallpapers this year for Pixel users.

It’s a given that Cinematic Wallpapers is a live wallpaper because, you know, it intrinsically involves motion. Emoji Wallpapers can be interacted with, as shown at I/O. AI Wallpapers, while not shown to be interactive, may still be implemented as a WallpaperService.

Android has supported live wallpapers since Android 2.0 Eclair was released in 2009, for context. But until Android 14, the OS only lets you set a single live wallpaper for both the home and lock screens.

If you’re wondering how you can set a separate live wallpaper on the home and lock screen, you’ll need to be on Android 14 on your Pixel and you’ll need root access to change the system property persist.wm.debug.lockscreen_live_wallpaper to true. Then just reboot!

Sometimes when we find a change in Android, I have to think “What is this for? What’s going to use it?” More often than not, everything goes in the square hole, ie. it’s related to some Pixel product lol.

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