Samsung commences beta testing of One UI 5 Watch on Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5

Following initial setbacks, Samsung has now entered the beta testing phase for One UI 5, the latest software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. After a recent bout of unfortunate news, a positive shift has occurred within a few days.

Samsung had previously planned to conduct a public test of their newest smartwatch software on existing devices but encountered unforeseen difficulties. However, the company has swiftly turned the situation around, initiating the beta testing phase.

Samsung is offering the new test firmware for all Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 devices to its members through the Samsung Members program. Presently, the beta testing program is only available in two countries, while German users will need to exercise patience. The update package for the One UI 5 weighs in at an impressive 1.7 GB.

One UI 5 introduces several new features, notably enhanced sleep-tracking capabilities. The integrated fitness functions have also been tailored to provide a more personalized experience, catering to individual user requirements. Additionally, this update brings new security features to the Galaxy Watch models running Wear OS.

One UI Watch 5 beta program changelog

Record cycling workouts automatically

  • Samsung Health can now detect when you start cycling and record your workout automatically. You can also set whether to automatically map your cycling routes.

Get heart rate guidance

  • Your watch can provide personalized heart rate zones while you run to help you manage your exercise intensity.

Keep your watch data safe

  • Files and data from your watch are periodically backed up to your phone when it’s connected to your watch. You can also save backups to Samsung Cloud. Your phone needs the latest version of the Smart Switch app to use this feature.

Call controls

  • You now have more control over calls without touching your phone. You can adjust the call volume, mute sound, and press buttons on the keypad, all from your watch.

Dictate text with the Home button

  • Just press and hold the Home button any time you’re entering text with Samsung Keyboard to instantly switch to voice input.

Use multiple timers at once

  • You can now have up to 20 timers running at the same time to help keep track of all your tasks.

Share your medical info in an emergency

  • A button to access your medical info will appear automatically when a hard fall is detected or when you press the Home button 5 times to start the Emergency SOS feature.

Device care

  • Check the status of your watch’s battery, storage, and memory and immediately fix any problems to extend battery life and keep your watch running smoothly.

Control your watch without touching it

  • Universal gestures let you control your watch without touching the screen or pressing a button. You can assign various actions to gestures such as shaking your wrist, making a fist, or pinching your fingers.

Organize apps in folders

  • Create folders to keep your apps organized so you can find the apps you need quickly with less scrolling.


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