Google Calendar introduces official Material You widgets

Google Calendar for Android continues its series of updates with the addition of Material You widgets. Following the completion of the Tasks migration and the introduction of tablet optimizations, this latest feature enhances the user experience of the popular calendar app.

In September 2021, Google Calendar for Android received an update incorporating Material You design elements. This included visual enhancements to the widgets and the adoption of Dynamic Color theming. Subsequently, Google provided a preview of a design that closely aligned with the Material You aesthetic.

One notable change is observed in the Calendar schedule widget, which retains its narrowest form. In this updated version, the miniature app bar no longer displays the current month. Instead, the top-left corner now showcases the day and date, with events spanning from edge to edge. Additionally, the separator lines for weeks have been eliminated.

Furthermore, the top-right corner of the widget features a more prominent Floating Action Button (FAB) with a rounded square button, reminiscent of other Material You widgets such as Gmail and Google Keep. When the homescreen object is slightly widened, the month reappears with few other modifications.

Meanwhile, the Calendar month view widget remains largely unchanged, with the familiar M3 button situated in the corner and the forward/backward navigation buttons shifted to the left.

Compared to the original preview released in 2021, the new Material You widgets reduce the amount of empty space, providing a more compact and visually appealing design.

As of today, the updated Material You widgets for Google Calendar have not been rolled out to the devices we have checked. It is likely that this feature will be implemented through a server-side update accompanying the latest version of the app.

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