Nothing Phone (2) introduces monochrome icon pack with universal theme support

Nothing Phone (2) stands out not only for its remarkable features but also for the exceptional stability and polish of its software. Adding to its array of functionalities, Nothing is proud to announce the release of a monochrome icon pack for Phone (2) that offers a comprehensive theming experience for all icons on your home screen.

Leveraging Material You’s themed icons, Nothing OS 2.0 now provides users with the option to switch their icons to a sleek monochrome design. In light mode, the icons sport an elegant white appearance, while in dark mode, they adopt a sophisticated black hue. This design approach aligns perfectly with Nothing’s philosophy of promoting the “intentional use” of their devices. Unlike similar implementations by other companies, Nothing has taken the extra step of ensuring universal support for all apps on your device, not just those that formally provide themed icon support.

The monochrome icon pack functions seamlessly in most cases. Supported apps with themed icon compatibility will utilize their designated themes, while other apps will be automatically themed by the pack. Although there may be occasional quirks, especially with certain games, the Nest app, Bluesky, and others, overall, the experience is highly immersive.

For current Nothing Phone (2) users, the monochrome icon pack is readily available for download at no cost from the Play Store. Please ensure that you have Nothing Launcher v2.1.0 installed, which should come pre-loaded on your Phone (2). As for Nothing Phone (1) users, access to this feature will become available with the forthcoming Nothing OS 2.0, scheduled for release in “late August.” Embrace a visually cohesive and refined home screen with Nothing’s latest offering.

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