August 2023 update enhances Pixel Fold UI and Bluetooth keyboard functionality

In a noteworthy development, Google’s recent August update brings substantive enhancements to the Pixel Fold’s user interface and addresses Bluetooth keyboard connectivity issues. This update follows the initial security-focused release last month and underlines Google’s commitment to refining its Pixel Fold and Tablet offerings.

The update ensures improved compatibility for Bluetooth keyboards, effectively resolving occasional connectivity disruptions. While this issue has been reported by some users, our own tests have not replicated this concern with the accessories we examined.

Notable updates center around enhancing the user experience for the Google foldable device:

  • Correction of an issue causing certain Live Wallpapers to render inaccurately when the device is oriented differently.
  • Rectification of occasional unresponsiveness encountered on the lock screen.
  • Resolution of an intermittent problem wherein the home screen launcher’s search input fails to register inputs consistently.

Furthermore, users of the Pixel Tablet will benefit from an addressed anomaly related to sporadic flickering or glitches while in Hub Mode, enhancing the overall tablet experience.

The update’s global distribution includes builds for various regions, encompassing Japan and Verizon & MVNOs (US) in addition to the Wi-Fi-only Tablet version. Available immediately, this August OTA update measures 35.60 MB in size for the Pixel Fold, reflecting Google’s ongoing dedication to refining its devices and delivering an optimized user experience.

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