Gboard preparing a new floating toolbar, stylus handwriting gestures and new generative AI features

According to the latest report, Gboard is preparing a new floating toolbar, stylus handwriting gestures, and new generative AI features including proofreading and emoji sticker creation. In the latest beta version of the Gboard app, users have discovered several new features that are in the works. These include (text below copied from the GappsModsFlags Telegram group):

The final list of changes in Gboard beta. Some features are working fully and some are considered to be still WIP.

  • Predictive Back Navigation.
  • Undo, delete, space and other various gestures intended for devices with stylus support only. They will not work for normal users. The gesture feature is disabled for now. The needed flags are not exposed.
    • After looking at the code and flags I can say that there will be a stylus widget (like clipboard, resize) in Gboard which will open a vertical toolbar (Will be able to change to horizontal as well) to help you perform the gesture in the text edit field. The toolbar will probably hide the keyboard.
  • Proofreading support using Generative AI. Proofread helps you correct spelling, grammar and punctuation with just a tap. Google named it Jarvis according to the code. 🫣
  • Emogen – A Generative artificial intelligence emoji generator.
  • Next Generation Assistant will also support Proofreading mode. It means Gboard will also show the chip for text entered/typed using NGA (I guess it’s obvious)
  • A new banner will be shown after you add a new language in Gboard.
  • Auto-correct suggestion for a physical keyboard. To select, first press & hold the Alt key, then press the “number” of the suggestion to select it. There will be a physical keyboard setting in Gboard.
  • Show a floating toolbar when using voice typing.
  • The toolbar will show in three cases when enabled – First is Voice typing, second is Stylus Gestures and the third is when the physical keyboard is connected.

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