Samsung launches One UI 6 beta for Galaxy S23 series

In a much-anticipated move, Samsung has officially introduced the One UI 6 Beta for its Galaxy S23 series. This significant development comes after a series of earlier attempts this week, which were regrettably hindered by unforeseen circumstances, leading to the retraction of the initial announcements.

The inadvertent disclosures of the One UI 6 beta program initially occurred through the company’s official German website and, subsequently, in the United States. However, these premature unveilings were swiftly removed on both occasions. At present, the One UI 6 Beta is available exclusively to Galaxy S23 users in Germany, the United States, and Korea.

Originally anticipated to launch last month in conjunction with the Samsung Unpacked event, the release of the One UI 6 Beta experienced a substantial delay. This delay resulted in the release being postponed by nearly a month compared to the initial rumors.

The current availability of the One UI 6 Beta is limited to the aforementioned three countries. Drawing from past beta program patterns, an expansion of availability to other regions, including the UK, India, Poland, and China, is highly anticipated. However, users from these regions may need to exercise patience as the beta rollout progresses gradually over the coming weeks.

Interestingly, Samsung has been observed conducting internal beta testing of One UI 6 on various other Galaxy devices, encompassing some from the mid-range Galaxy A series. This suggests a potential expansion of the One UI 6 beta to additional devices in the near future.

Promising enhanced customization and functionality, One UI 6 introduces a revamped Quick Settings interface featuring a blurred background. The user-friendly design incorporates larger toggles, facilitating more convenient controls. The beta version of One UI 6 also boasts updates across multiple Samsung apps, implying the incorporation of new features within these applications.

Galaxy S23 users in the United States, Germany, or Korea who wish to participate in the One UI 6 Beta program can easily enroll. This involves accessing the latest iteration of the Samsung Members app, navigating to the Notices section (indicated by a bell icon), and locating the One UI 6 Beta banner. Subsequent instructions will guide users through the enrollment process. After completion, users can check for the update within Settings > Software Update.

As a precaution, users are strongly advised to back up their devices before initiating the installation of the beta build. This measure ensures the safeguarding of essential data throughout the beta testing phase.


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