Google introduces enhanced electric vehicle features in Android Auto and Google Maps

In response to the growing significance of electric vehicles, Google has taken significant strides in refining its services for electric car users, specifically targeting Google Maps and Android Auto platforms.

Recently, a notable advancement was unveiled within Android Auto for electric vehicles. A novel feature allows convenient access to charging stations through the “Categories” section, which was previously dedicated solely to gas stations. Google has officially validated this transformative update.

In a comprehensive disclosure, Google has outlined the augmented offerings within Google Maps tailored for electric car proprietors. This assortment includes both new inclusions and long-standing features:

  • Real-time Charging Port Availability: Users can now initiate a search for “electric vehicle charging stations” within Google Maps to instantly access real-time information about available charging ports at nearby stations. This feature aims to mitigate waiting times.
  • Charging Speed Filter: A distinct “very fast” charging filter has been introduced, allowing users to pinpoint stations equipped with chargers boasting 150 kilowatts or more. This level of charging capacity is adequate for replenishing a substantial portion of the battery within approximately 40 minutes. Moreover, a “Fast Chargers” filter is accessible, highlighting stations furnished with chargers of 50 kW or higher.
  • Plug Type Filter: Users possess the capability to filter stations based on their compatibility with their electric vehicle’s plug type. This ensures that only stations outfitted with suitable connectors are displayed.
  • Integration of Charging Stops into Routes: For journeys necessitating charging stops, Google Maps will propose optimal stopping points, factoring in variables such as ongoing traffic conditions, current charge status, and projected energy consumption.
  • Inclusion of Charging Station Information in Search Results: Search results will now encompass data about charging station availability at specific locations. This feature is particularly useful for identifying supermarkets or other destinations that offer charging facilities, streamlining the process of selecting venues that cater to electric vehicle users.

According to Google, although the aforementioned button was incorporated as early as 2022, its visibility was limited until recently. This recent unveiling marks its first widespread appearance, signifying a broader user outreach. With these updates, Google demonstrates its commitment to fostering the electric vehicle ecosystem and providing practical solutions for its users.


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