Android 14 Beta 5.1 released with essential bug resolutions

In a swift turn of events, Google has unveiled the unexpected release of Android 14 Beta 5.1, a follow-up to last month’s fourth beta which had been inferred as the concluding release prior to the stable version.

Today marks the launch of Android 14 Beta 5.1, a version predominantly focused on rectifying bugs, as suggested by the minor version increment. This release is anticipated to address the remaining issues, ideally paving the way for the impending final release. However, given the turbulent journey of the Android 14 beta phase thus far, any definitive projection remains uncertain.

The official changelog for this release enumerates four bug fixes, although undisclosed alterations behind-the-scenes might have also been implemented.

The addressed bugs encompass:

  • Resolution of the SIM card detection failure linked to the activation of Fixed Dialing Number features.
  • Rectification of connectivity disruptions encountered by devices associated with carriers utilizing 5G standalone mode.
  • Elimination of the predicament causing a blank home screen post unlocking on certain devices.
  • Temporary deactivation of the “feather-styled” live wallpaper, was undertaken to mitigate a concurrent performance glitch.

Google has assured the reinstatement of the aforementioned live wallpaper once the underlying issues are completely resolved. Whether this will materialize in Beta 5.2 remains speculative, necessitating a period of anticipation.

For owners of eligible Pixel devices participating in the Android Beta program, this update will promptly arrive over the air. To enroll a device, direct access can be initiated through this designated page. Following enrollment, the latest build will be seamlessly delivered via an over-the-air update mechanism.


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