Google Pixel devices gain access to Android 14 Beta 5.2, enabling enhanced performance

In a recent development, Google has unveiled the latest beta iteration, Android 14 Beta 5.2, available exclusively for Pixel smartphones. While no new features have been introduced, this release is focused on rectifying existing issues, a pivotal step prior to the imminent public launch of Android 14 within the forthcoming weeks. Pixel device users can promptly access and install the updated Beta 5.2 version.

This updated version addresses a spectrum of concerns, notably encompassing:

  • Resolution of intermittent device reboot challenges.
  • Resolution of cellular connectivity dropouts experienced by devices employing E-UTRAN New Radio – Dual Connectivity (ENDC) when connected over 5G NR low-band frequencies.
  • Restoration of the unresponsive fingerprint sensor issue witnessed in specific scenarios on Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet devices.
  • Rectification of incomplete Perfetto trace data in Pixel Fold devices.
  • Mitigation of stuttering animations observed during the display or interaction with ongoing call notifications on Pixel Fold devices.
  • Elimination of sporadic system UI crashes subsequent to fingerprint sensor usage on Pixel Fold devices.
  • Eradication of momentary screen flickering issues upon unfolding Pixel Fold devices.
  • Elimination of sporadic appearance or flickering of colored bars post device unlocking in Pixel Tablet devices.
  • Rectification of erroneous system sounds upon docking or undocking of Pixel Tablet devices.

It is imperative to note that Google has consistently provided an Android beta program, allowing users to experience forthcoming updates ahead of official launches. However, it is prudent to acknowledge that beta versions may exhibit occasional errors and are not inherently recommended for seamless daily operations.

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