Apple iPhone 15 action button features and uses

The latest iPhone 15 Series comes with a bunch of new features. Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max smartphones get a brand new action button on the side, near the volume buttons. This button is created basically for lots of different things.

At the latest Apple 2023 event, the company discussed several new features that Apple’s latest device can do for your daily routines. Apple said this button will take the place of the switch that makes your phone silent or ring. When you press this button, it will give you a special kind of touch feedback that feels nice and makes using the phone better. Apple also made a way to make this touch feedback faster in iOS 17.

Apple iPhone 15 Series action button features

  • You can easily toggle between ringing and silent mode.
  • You can Turn on different Focus modes in iPhone 15 Pro lineup.
  • You can easily open the camera app.
  • iPhone 15 action button even allows you to turn on/off the flashlight.
  • Record a voice memo..
  • Launch Magnifier
  • Run a custom Shortcut.
  • Access accessibility options.
  • Translate languages is also coming later this year.

iPhone 15 lineup action button features

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