Android Auto 10.6 brings Disconnect button

Google has recently released a new version of its Android Auto. According to the latest information, the latest October 2023 update for Android Auto is rolling out with version 10.6.

In the latest version, several users are noticing a new “disconnect” option when using a wireless connection to their vehicles. This addition will allow users to quickly disconnect their phone from the car’s infotainment system.

Android Auto 10.6 Changelog

This information is first spotted by Mishaal Rahman, a new “Disconnect” button is appearing as part of the Android Auto notification shade on Android phones. Although its appearance coincides with the 10.6 version update of the Android Auto app, it is unclear if the feature is tied to this version or simply an A/B test to a limited number of users.

Android Auto 10.6 brings Disconnect button

Google is working on more features and soon it will be rolled out for its users. The new “Disconnect” button now gives you an easy way to terminate an Android Auto connection by simply tapping it and confirming your intention.

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