Google to bring new sports widget

After releasing an important finance widget, Google is now working for another widget called Sports Widget. Google already allows you to select sports interests, with the possibility of indicating favorite sports , competitions and teams (even more than one, of course): whether you are a fan of football, basketball or other sports, within the Google App (or among the notifications ) upcoming matches, recent results or results of current matches are indicated.

According to the latest information, the all new widget shows the teams followed and their upcoming, live or recently finished matches: the matches are displayed accompanied by date and time, score and name of the championship.

There are two screens that can be shown: one dedicated to the matches of the teams you follow and one for the trending ones. One tap and the full tab within Google search opens.

The UI is in line with the Material You (with dynamic theme), and the dimensions can be changed as desired to better adapt the widget to the home page. At the top right we can see the button to manually perform a refresh.

Google is about to launch a new sports widget

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