Google releases ChromeOS 120 and brings Virtual Desk Button

In January 2024, Google released the ChromeOS version 120 which brings several tweaks for Chromebooks. As per the official description shared by the company, the new version 120 comes with a Virtual Desk Button to the ChromeOS Shelf that appears to the left of pinned app icons. Featuring the name of the current grouping, you can quickly switch between Desks with the left/right arrows that appear upon hover.

Google ChromeOS 120 Key Details

Nearby Share Self Share

Nearby Share Self Share enables seamless sharing between a user’s devices. Now, transfers will automatically be accepted when Nearby Sharing with any Android or ChromeOS device that is logged into the same Google account, even when the other device’s screen is off.

A new way to easily switch from desks, right from the shelf

ChromeOS Virtual Desk Button is a shelf button that’s available for all users who utilize virtual desks. The button will allow quick access to desk operations for desk visualizing, desk switching, desk creation and desk ordering. If the user have previously saved desks, they would be able to go to the desk library as well.

Settings > Apps > Manage your apps and selecting an application will show a new “App details” section at the bottom that notes whether it’s an Android app, Chrome App, or Web App, as well as how it was installed: Preinstalled, Play Store, Chrome browser (PWA), or Chrome Web Store. You also get storage and versioning information.

Google ChromeOS
Google ChromeOS

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