Xiaomi Group rose nearly 6%, with a market value of over 650 billion Hong Kong dollars and another record high

November 23 The Xiaomi Group has gone up all the way after the opening of the market today. It rose by nearly 6% during the intraday market. It has now stood at 27 Hong Kong dollars, a record high, with a market value of over 650 billion Hong Kong dollars.

On July 9-2018, Xiaomi was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with an opening price of HK$16.6, a 2.35% drop from the issue price of HK$17, and it broke.

In the two years since then, the stock price of Xiaomi, known as the “first stock for young people,” has been hovering around 10 Hong Kong dollars for a long time, and even dropped to the historical low of 8.28 Hong Kong dollars.

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Benefiting from the positive results in the Q2 quarter and the first half of 2020, Xiaomi’s share price surged 11.17% in the first half of this year, and the closing price on August 27 was 21.35 Hong Kong dollars. This also indicates that Xiaomi once again exceeded 20 after two years. The Hong Kong dollar is only 0.9 Hong Kong dollars away from the historical high of 22.2 Hong Kong dollars, and the market value exceeds 514.7 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Subsequently, the share price of Xiaomi Group has steadily increased all the way to today’s 27 Hong Kong dollar mark. This is the first time that Xiaomi has stood at 27 Hong Kong dollars.

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