Cyberpunk 2077 grabbing 1.11 hotfix update fixes the problem of falling equipment

Last night Cyberpunk 2077 grab a new software update that brings version number 1.11 hotfix update. This is the initial update from the company that makes the version pushed as a 1.11 update. The 1.11 update is launched for PCs, game consoles, and the Stadia cloud gaming platform, which solves two problems.

1. The dropped devices will get holes randomly, which is the same as before version 1.1.

The official said it will study the best solution to this problem in the future.

2. Fixed the bug in the mission ‘Wild Friends’.


It occurred for some players during a holo call with Takemura, when using a save made on version 1.06 with Down on the Street quest in progress at “Wait For Takemura’s call” objective. After loading such a save on version 1.1, the holo call would lack dialogue options and block interactions with other NPCs.

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Just a few days ago, some players reported that Bamboo Village would not call or interact with the player in the ‘Wild Friends’ mission, which caused the game to be unable to continue and the archive could not be saved. However, the official immediately fixed this problem very quickly.


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