Google launches News Showcase, a news service in the UK

According to the report that Google announced on Wednesday that it had launched a “News Showcase” product in the UK, which means that Google will pay for news content in the UK for the first time.

Google has signed an agreement with 120 British publications, including the Financial Times and Reuters. Google pays licensing fees to these publications to produce news summaries and display them in the “News Showcase” product.

There are reports that these publishers will receive millions of dollars from Google every year. The product will appear in the “Google News” (Google News) service App and Google Discover service. Google Discover is a feed of articles and videos launched by Google for mobile devices.

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When the user clicks on the news summary in the “Google News” App and Google Discover, they will be redirected to the full news on the publisher’s website.

In response, Ronan Harris, vice president and managing director of Google’s the UK and Irish marketing, said in a blog: “News Showcase is our new product experience and licensing program in the news field. The content comes from the UK. Local, national and independent publishers.”

“As part of our licensing agreement with publishers, we will also introduce a feature that allows readers to access certain paid content. This feature will give readers the opportunity to read more of the publisher’s content, while also allowing the publisher to attract readers Become a subscriber to the device.”

Globally, Google has persuaded 450 news publications to produce content for News Showcase. Prior to this, Google had launched News Showcase services in Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan and Argentina. Google also said that several other countries are also under discussion.

Currently, technology giants such as Facebook and Google are facing increasing pressure to require them to pay media companies for their content. Google said in October last year that it would pay publishers $1 billion to buy news in the next three years.

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