Google promises at least 100 games will come to Stadia in 2021

Google’s Stadia online game service has been in the headline area recently because a few weeks ago, the company announced that it would close its Stadia game and entertainment department, which is responsible for developing exclusive games for the platform.

Earlier this week, we also discovered that the Stadia version of “Terraria” was cancelled because Google has disabled the developer’s account, which led to its voluntary removal of the product as a protest.

There is relatively more positive news today. Google announced that more than 100 games will be launched on the platform in 2021 including FIFA 21, Trial and many other masterpieces.

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However, in comparison, the 100 games promised this year is obviously a bit downgrade compared to the 120 games it will bring to the platform in 2020. But for the confidence that Google brings to this platform, this is still an important number. Google also revealed the names of nine upcoming games. They are:

  • Santa: Half-elf Hero Ultimate Edition-February 23.
  • Santa: Dangerous Revenge Director’s Cut Edition-February 23
  • It came from space and ate our brains-March 2
  • FIFA 21-March 17
  • Katz and the Wild Mask – March 26
  • Judgment Eye-April 23
  • Killer Queen Black – Coming soon
  • Street Force Football – Coming soon
  • Moment of Hell – Coming soon

Other games scheduled to be released in 2021 include “Expedition 6” and “Hello Engineer”. Stadia currently offers more than 100 games, which are streamed via the Internet, and promises that more games will appear.

A few months ago, a Stadia executive said that Google is tracking the development of 400 games by 200 developers. Whether the company can keep up with this number remains to be seen, but the latest announcement will certainly restore some confidence to users of the platform.

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