Redmi K40 goes official with E4 AMOLED 120Hz screen

Today Redmi will release the Redmi K40 series of new products, Xiaomi Lu Weibing said that it will launch a product strategy for the whole series of upgrades, Redmi 2021 will focus on flagship phones, flagship computers, super large screen TVs, smart wearables Four categories.

Redmi Product Director Wang Teng released the Redmi K40 Standard Edition mobile phone on the spot, claiming to have a 100% performance jump. The world’s first batch of Snapdragon 870, and Snapdragon 888 side by side with the 2021 performance dual flagship. It also supports LPDDR5 + UFS3.1 + WiFi 6.

Redmi officially announced the design of the Redmi K40 mobile phone, which has the color scheme of “Illusion”, “Sunny Snow” and “Bright Black”, 7.8mm, 196g thin and light body, and the battery capacity is 4520mAh.

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The rear lens design of the Redmi K40 is similar to the anamorphic version of the Mi 11 camera lens. Redmi K40 uses the latest generation of E4 AMOLED screen materials, higher brightness and more power saving.

Redmi K40 uses a smaller hole, 2.76mm pinhole screen + 3.3mm ultra-narrow small chin; more professional, adjusts the original color screen one by one, reaching the professional display level; more comfortable, Redmi’s first ambient color temperature “True Tone technology”, screen Changes with the ambient color temperature; more sensitive, 120Hz high brush + 360Hz touch sampling rate + super-resolution touch.

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