PUBG Mobile 1.3 adds a new music festival mode

PUBG Corporation has working on the regular updates which we have seen from last some months. The latest patch brings to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. The update to 1.3 offers a new festival mode in celebration of the game’s anniversary, a new chapter where you can choose to play undercover, a Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, and plenty of map and performance improvements.

The latest trailer shows that game is celebrating its anniversary with a new event where you’ll attend a music festival. Players can also expect to discover a new graffiti wall in Classic Mode Erangel, where the painting will trigger musical notes, with there being several notes to discover.

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A new Power Armor mode will also be in the mix, and there’s a new sniper rifle as well as a new glider. We also know the next season will kick off on March 17th. Of course, the Play Store changelog is below if you’d like to see the highlights of today’s update in a list.


New Dream Team Gameplay is Here!

Cheer Park Upgrades
1. Love Upgrades: Travel to Cheer Park Island via the pier to find a giant bunny doll.
2. Interactions Filled With Love: Project a love note in the air with the names of the sender and recipient. Take a ride on the hot air balloon and two-seater swing!Dream Team Events
1. Collect seeds and plant Heart Trees for surprise gifts!
2. Team up with friends in the Dream Team event to unlock a permanent set!
3. Follow B.Duck as it tours Erangel!


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