Several improvements have been made to the tab search feature in the Chrome browser

The tab search menu is one of the most useful features in the Chrome browser, especially for those who have to deal with countless tabs. This menu can display open tabs and also allows you to search for specific tabs. This feature has recently received some notable improvements.

Before the improvement, the tag search menu was very small, showing only five open tab pages. This situation has changed because the height of this menu in Chrome Canary will now dynamically adjust based on the number of open tabs and the height of the window. If you have 20 tabs open, clicking the tab search button will display all 20 tabs instead of five.

The revised tab search menu also includes a timestamp. In other words, the new menu will also tell you when you opened the tab. In addition, Chromium developers are also making another noteworthy improvement, that is, the tag search menu will also include recently closed tags. This improvement will enter Chrome Canary in the next few days.

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To use the revised Tab search menu, you first need to download the Chrome Canary version. After that, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Open the browser
  • Enter chrome://flags in the URL bar.
  • In the search box, enter Tab search
  • Select enable and restart the browser

Now, once you open multiple tabs, you will see an inverted triangle icon in the left corner. Click on it, and the icon will display all the tabs you have opened. These changes are only available in the Canary channel. So, before following the above steps, please make sure that Chrome Canary is installed on your computer. You can download Chrome Canary from here.

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