AirPods Max new firmware measured and it does significantly improve battery life

On Tuesday, Apple released the latest 3C39 firmware update for AirPods Max. However, the official update log has not been announced, so it is not clear which areas have been improved. Tested by the developer Guilherme Rambo, the update does improve the endurance of AirPods Max.

Some AirPods Max headsets have excessive battery consumption when using Smart Case. It is reported that the latest 3C39 firmware has improved battery life. For this reason, Rambo did an experiment to monitor the battery consumption of AirPods Max in the Smart Case before and after the firmware update, and observe the remaining power every half an hour.

In a tweet published today, it read: “AirPods Max battery usage in Smart Case before and after the firmware update. I think they have solved this problem.” In addition to the Rambo test, there is also some user feedback on the foreign Apple forum MacRumors that the battery life of AirPods Max in the Smart Case will not drop significantly.

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A MacRumors reader replied: “After the update yesterday. After 24 hours in the Smart Case, there is almost no loss of power. The remaining power for 24 hours is still 97%. The previous firmware version will continue to lose more than 10% overnight.”

According to 9to5Mac, the firmware update seems to put AirPods Max into ultra-low-power mode after 30 minutes. Before the firmware update, AirPods Max will enter a low-power mode when placed in a box and will enter an ultra-low-power mode after 18 hours. But if this is the case, Apple has not updated its supporting documentation to reflect the charging changes.

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