iPhone 13 probably has a Touch ID sensor arranged under the display

According to Barclays analyst Andrew Gardner and three of his colleagues, the iPhone 13 model scheduled to be released later this year is “probably” embedded with a fingerprint scanner under the display for authentication, and also includes Have Face ID. The analyst added that the iPhone 13 model will have smaller bangs, while the lidar scanner will still be limited to the iPhone 13 Pro model this year, which is consistent with the information shared by well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo earlier this month.

The analyst believes that the smaller bangs on the iPhone 13 model will be the result of Face ID “a version that more closely integrates the current structured light system”, adding that “a larger shift” may occur in 2022. Apple clearly aims to adopt a time-of-flight architecture for Face ID, which will allow for a “smaller footprint.” This is also consistent with the Kuo Ming-Ji predicted that at least part of 2022’s iPhone may use a perforated screen, can only see a small hole on the screen, like Samsung recently many smartphones the same.

The following is an excerpt from the research report, with emphasis added.

In the upcoming iPhone 13 cycle in 2H21, we expect that the existing structured light system will have a tighter integrated version, which will achieve the long-awaited reduction in the area of ​​bangs. In terms of rear components, we don’t expect Apple to expand the application range of lidar 3D sensors beyond Pro models.

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For the 2H22 product cycle, we expect that the architecture will shift from structured light to flight time, thereby achieving a smaller notch footprint. According to the content of the dialogue with the industry, we believe that the structured light at the bottom of the screen cannot be prepared for large-scale deployment in 2H22. We also believe that the adoption of fingerprints under the glass, which is likely to be added to the 2H21 iPhone, maybe a future security feature.

The return of Touch ID and the fingerprint scanner under the display has been reported many times. As early as August 2019, Guo Mingchi stated that Apple planned to launch an iPhone equipped with both Face ID and an under-display fingerprint scanner in 2021, but he did not mention this in a research report earlier this month. The function will appear on the iPhone 13 model.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gulman and Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal also claimed that Apple is at least testing an under-display fingerprint scanner for the iPhone 13 model, so time will tell whether this feature can be selected.

Barclays analysts first claimed that Apple is planning to stop giving chargers to the iPhone. In the past, they also accurately revealed that True Tone will appear on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, cancel the headphone jack adapter for iPhone XS and iPhone XR models and cancel 3D Touch for all iPhone 11 models.

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