The shortage of Qualcomm chips will affect the ability to supply Android manufacturers

The chip shortage that started in the automotive field has lasted for several months and has also expanded to the consumer electronics field. Due to the general shortage of chip foundry production capacity, the scope of the chip shortage may be further expanded. Qualcomm, which supplies processors and baseband chips for smartphone manufacturers, has its supply capacity affected.

Cristiano Amon, the president of Qualcomm, who will be promoted to CEO on June 30, said in an interview not long ago that if you ask him what makes him sleepless at night, now it makes him sleepless at night. It is a supply crisis in the semiconductor industry.

As per the report, due to the tight supply of chips, Qualcomm has been difficult to meet using Andrews smartphone processor demand vendors. According to the reports, due to the huge sales of Huawei smartphones, a large market share was left.

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Other manufacturers are gaining the remaining share. Most of them are Android brands. Their demand for Qualcomm processors is There has been a surge this year, but due to the shortage of upstream processor components, Qualcomm found it difficult to meet the strong demand, which also affected their ability to supply Android manufacturers.

They also mentioned in the report that due to the tight supply of Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, Samsung and Xiaomi have been affected, which may affect the production of Samsung’s mid-range and entry-level smartphones.

Although Apple’s iPhone 12 series smartphones were also supplied by Qualcomm with 5G baseband chips, the supply of Qualcomm chips is tight, but their impact is relatively small.

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