GoPro launches a new version of Quik video editing app for creators

GoPro, which is well-known for its action camera product line, has just launched a new version of the Quik video editing app for creators and has brought some new features. In fact, as early as last year, the company has launched a renamed Quik, which is characterized by supporting video clips taken by users with synchronized music. The new version of the Quik app retains this feature and brings more tracks that users can use with confidence.

In addition to the existing editing features of the old version of the App, Quik now supports any camera (including mobile phone importing images and videos ), as well as the Instagram-like “Mural” (Mural) message stream (organized based on the photos shared by the app).

Unfortunately, although users can easily import photos and videos from their phone’s albums into Quik, it is currently not possible to directly access cloud resources. Interested friends can download for Android/iOS the new version of the GoPro Quik app platforms.

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In addition, the company plans to launch an unlimited amount of cloud backup solutions later this year (obviously it is impossible to be completely free), and it is expected to charge $1.99/month or $9.99/year.

However, for GoPro users who have subscribed to advanced services, they can already enjoy all the features of Quik, as well as some additional privileges (such as unlimited original file cloud backup).


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