Not only Instagram, Facebook has also been found to introduce audio and video chat group feature

According to the latest reports, Facebook is working hard to introduce the Clubhouse audio chat room, the most popular social network in 2021, to its platform. We have already seen signs of implementing this feature on Instagram, and now there are signs that this feature will also appear on Facebook.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi discovered that Facebook is developing this feature and pointed out that Facebook is developing audio; chat rooms and video chat rooms at the same time.

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His latest discovery is that Facebook users will be able to have a public audio room and a private audio room at the same time.

Broadcast room (Broadcast room) will be open to everyone on Facebook, and private audio room (Private Audio room) will only be open to users’ own Facebook friends. The Video room will only be available in private mode.

It is not yet known whether this feature will appear before the death of Clubhouse fanaticism.

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