Desktop and mobile Spotify ushered in a major upgrade to bring a new experience

The desktop and mobile devices of Spotify ushered in a major version upgrade today, focusing on improving interface navigation and providing users with brand-new controls, as well as providing more features for playlists, search, radio stations, queues, music libraries, and more. In general, compared with the previous version, this update makes the look and feel of the Spotify app more streamlined and less messy.

One notable change after this update is that the new application cancels the search bar in the strange position at the top left of the screen. It is now repositioned to the slim navigation bar on the left, between the homepage and the link to your music library.

After the revision, there will be no detailed introduction to the various sections of “Your Music Library” on the navigation bar, such as Made For You, Recently Played, Albums, Artists, Podcasts, etc. Instead, you must click into your database section to view these choices.

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Now, there will be four categories at the top of “Your Music Library”, namely Playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes, Release Radar, etc. Podcasts on the Playlists page are mentioned second, followed by different areas for artists and albums.

A new drop-down menu in “Your Music Library” allows you to further sort these different sections in various ways: by most relevant, recently played, recently added, alphabetically, or even by your Custom order that can be configured.

They can now write descriptions, upload their own pictures, and drag and drop tracks into existing playlists. They can also use the new embedded search bar at the top of the “Create Playlist” page to find new songs and even add podcast episodes to the playlist. This can greatly speed up the tedious process of creating a playlist and reduce the steps from finding a song to adding it to the playlist.

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