Apple adjusts the trade-in value of iPad Pro, iPhone 11 and some Mac models

Apple adjusted the trade-in value of many of its products, including most of the iPad and Mac series, and also made some adjustments to the iPhone. It should be noted that the value displayed on the Apple website reflects the maximum possible trade-in value of the product. In actual operation, you may find that the value that can be discounted is far from your expected value.

Take the iPad product line as an example. The value of the iPad Pro has risen by US$45 to US$580, compared to the previous value of US$535. The trade-in value of the standard iPad has dropped by $15 to the latest price of $235.

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In the Mac family, the current value of the MacBook Air has dropped from $600 to $530. The discontinued MacBook fell by $40 to $340, and the discontinued iMac Pro was valued at $2940, a drop of $100. The value of the iMac has dropped by 130 dollars to 1,050 dollars, the Mac mini has dropped by 60 dollars, and the latest value is 770 dollars.

For the iPhone, Apple has also made some fine-tuning. The highest trade-in value of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has risen by US$15 to a maximum of US$515. The iPhone 11 Pro has risen by US$5 and the latest price is US$465. The iPhone 11 has risen by US$20 and is valued at US$380. The value of the iPhone 6S Plus has risen to US$65, which is US$5 more than the previous US$60.

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