Apple will release iMac Pro with self-developed 12-core CPU in June

According to the latest report, Apple may release new hardware at the WWDC Developers Conference in June, and it is the new iMac product line. According to the report, Apple Silicon iMac may have two screen sizes and use the same type of 12-core SoC ( 16-core GPU ) based on M1, with the code name J456 or 23-inch model, and J457 or 31.5-inch model.

Of course, this is not the first time we have seen an iMac increase the screen size. Prior to this, the company had already provided a 21.5/27-inch iMac product line. However, as the screen frame continues to shrink, Apple can obviously pack a higher-specification screen under the same size.

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As for whether the newly designed heat dissipation scheme will make the thickness of the Apple Silicon iMac thicker or thinner, the source did not disclose. But what is certain is that the new machine that will be launched soon will become more fashionable.

Earlier there were reports that Apple Silicon iMac will use the so-called M2 chipset or A14T SoC based on TSMC’s 5nm process. Even though there is news that Apple may have obtained the supply of 4nm chips, it seems unlikely that such an advanced node will be the first to be used on Apple Silicon iMac.

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