Microsoft Painting App is on the Windows 10 App Store

Microsoft Paint App

Four years ago, Microsoft announced that it would bring the popular Paint drawing application to the Windows 10 application store. Since then, Microsoft has remained silent on this, but it seems that it is finally ready to fulfill its promise and introduce the application to the App Store.

ALumia discovered for the first time that this popular drawing application can now appear in the Microsoft Store, but the application cannot be downloaded yet. It is very likely that after Microsoft officially announces that Paint will land in the app store, everyone will get the download link, which is expected to be related to the next Windows 10 Insider preview build push.

There are many benefits to replacing the system apps with the store standalone version, including that Microsoft does not have to wait until the Windows 10 system is updated to add new features to the store apps – it can be updated separately.

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“Paint is a favorite on Windows. It is a simple, powerful and versatile graphics editor. You can quickly edit images or use the tools in this application to create masterpieces. Once you are done, you will be able to save and share your files in almost any format.”


  • Crop photos and screenshots.
  • Quickly edit images and photos.
  • Use rulers and grid lines to get perfect pixels.

To view the Paint Microsoft Store version, Click This Link.

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